Bring a Folding Bicycle on Your Cruise

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Make your next cruise a little more exciting and independent by bringing your folding bicycle with you.

Folding bicycles are popular with sailors due to the fact that they can fit them onboard a sailboat or yacht and then easily get around from the harbor to town for shopping or sightseeing. Well, a cruise ship is kind of like a giant yacht! Why not use your folding bicycle to get around at ports?

There is one issue with this lovely idea, and that is some cruise ship lines don’t allow bicycles of any kind on board. It is smart to call ahead and check to make sure your cruise allows bicycles before showing up with your expensive Brompton and being denied.

Many cruisers in the past have reported bringing folding or even regular bicycles on their cruises, or seeing others who did. It is worth it to call or email your cruise line to check their specific rules.

Taking a river cruise? These boats often have bicycles for their guests to use. Most of them do not allow you to bring your own bicycle as well though.

Bring a Folding Bicycle on Your Cruise: Cruise lines that allow folding bikes

Put Your Folding Bike in a Bag or Case

Your cruise line might frown upon carrying the bikes “naked” onto the ship. But you might have better luck if you pack your Brompton, Bike Friday or Dahon into a carrying bag or suitcase. That way the bike is cleanly put away and does not have as much potential to get chain grease on the furnishings or bump against another passenger.

Here are some bags that can be used to carry folding bicycles. Check the specs to see if your bicycle will fit.

Cruise Lines That Allow Folding Bikes

Here are the cruise lines that currently do not forbid you to bring a folding bicycle as of 2018. Again, always check ahead before you bring unusual items onboard. Some cruises might allow you to transport the bike but not use it while others will not allow any bicycles onboard even if they stay in your cabin at all times. Others are happy to let you bring a folding bicycle with you and use it in ports.

P&O Cruises

Lovely! P&O Cruises states that you can indeed bring a folding bicycle onboard as long as you store it in your cabin. You can read their statement here.


Costa Cruises do not specify whether it is possible to bring folding bikes onboard. Check with them before your trip.

Holland America

Unfortunately Holland America lists bicycles under “prohibited items”. 

Royal Caribbean

Bicycles are not mentioned in the forbidden items list so you might be able to bring your folding bike onboard Royal Caribbean. See the prohibited items list here.

MSC Cruises

MSC does not specify whether bicycles are allowed on their ships. Check with the cruise line to find out if you can bring your folding bike.

Bring a Folding Bicycle on Your Cruise: Cruise lines that allow folding bikes 2018

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian currently does not prohibit bringing bicycles on board. Electric bicycles are not allowed due to the large battery. Since folding bicycles are not mentioned, I would check with NCL before attempting to bring your folding bike onboard.


Regular bicycles are not allowed on Carnival ships, but folding bicycles with wheels less than 20″ are allowed only to be used in port. You can find the information here.


Bicycles are not prohibited on Cunard ocean liners so you might be able to bring your folding bike with you. Most of their passages don’t have a lot of ports but you could use the cruise to transport you and your bike across the Atlantic. But check before your trip to be sure your folding bicycle is allowed.


Celebrity does not specifically prohibit bicycles onboard. You can view their policy here. Check with them to see if they will let you bring your folding bike on your cruise.


Bicycles are not allowed on Princess Cruises. You can view their prohibited items list here.


Disney does not allow any bicycles or scooters onboard except those that are required for mobility, such as wheelchairs. Check their policy here.

Bring a Folding Bicycle on Your Cruise: Cruise lines that allow folding bikes

Again, this list is not definitive. Be sure to double check with your cruise line before attempting to bring your bicycle onboard as rules may change at any time.

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