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Alaska Cruise Packing List for Men

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Getting ready for your Alaska summer cruise and trying to decide what to pack? Have you checked out our Alaska packing tips for women? Here is our Alaska cruise packing list for men!

If you are packing for Alaska cruise in summer you may imagine that the weather will be warm. Don’t count on it! The key to comfort is to bring clothing that you can layer.

Be sure to also take a look at these 10 useful things you might want to bring on a cruise but might not have considered, and these 10 things you should NOT bring on a cruise.

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Getting ready for your Alaska summer cruise and trying to decide what to pack? Here is our Alaska cruise packing list for men!

Alaska Cruise Packing List for Men: Stay Warm & Comfortable

When planning your Alaska cruise packing list it is smart to focus on bringing warm layers.

Are you going on an Alaska adventure cruise? Active Alaska cruise shore excursions mean that you will want to pack sturdy waterproof shoes, and warm, comfortable clothing. The ideal clothing for shore excursions as well as days lounging on the ship will be moisture wicking layers next to your skin, topped by a sweater or fleece. A warm jacket or down vest is also a good idea for those cold and windy days, and perfect for layering for exciting shore excursions to glaciers, kayaking or river rafting.

Alaska Cruise Packing List for Men: Stay Warm & Comfortable

It’s always smart to be prepared for rainy weather in Alaska. Be sure to bring a windproof and waterproof shell, or just pack a poncho to wear over your clothes. Also check that your rain gear fits over the top of your bulky layers in case it happens to be cold AND rainy, which is always a possibility in Alaska.

Patagonia Better Sweater: A stylish sweater knit exterior and soft fleece inside to keep you warm and comfortable. It also comes in vest form.
• Big and tall men might appreciate the IZOD Performance Pullover sweater. It comes in many colors – I like the colorblocked versions.
• This Columbia Softshell Jacket is wind and water resistant and won’t be too warm for those active adventures.

Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket is a lightweight, breathable rain shell with a hood. It comes in a variety of colors.
North Face Arrowood Triclimate is three jackets in one. It comes with a removable thin fleece jacket inside that you can wear on its own or layer with the raincoat. It also comes in sizes from Small to XXXL.
Patagonia Nano Puff jacket is a popular down jacket that will keep you warm but is still lightweight and packs small to fit in your bag.

On a cruise you want to look put together while also being comfortable, so it is important to choose clothing that will keep you warm and dry but still stylish. These Brion pants from Prana are water resistant, durable and fashionable. They also have stretch for comfort and come in a variety of colors. Columbia also makes a long sleeve button down shirt with convertible tabbed sleeves and two chest pockets that is great for travel.

Check the weather before your trip to see what the forecasted temperatures are. If the mercury is dropping, you might want to pack a lightweight merino wool layer that will keep you warm under your clothing. A baselayer top like the Woolx Explorer is great under a fleece or jacket. It will keep you insulated but wick sweat away from your skin. This one from Minus33 also has a collar that unzips for venting and looks stylish too.

Underwear and socks are basics you might not think a lot about. But if you like to travel light, you might want to take a look at performance socks and underwear made of moisture wicking materials. These Adidas Sport Performance boxer briefs will keep you comfortable on active adventures, or check out these mesh boxers from ExOfficio. Wearing cotton socks when hiking is just asking for stinky damp feet and blisters. Check out these merino wool hiking socks from Darn Tough Vermont.

The best cruise excursions will have you hiking on trails and climbing glaciers. Pack comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots if you have them. Here are a few of my favorite brands and styles for men that would be perfect for active Alaska cruise excursions:

Hi-Tec Altitude Lite: This company makes great hiking boots that are inexpensive, perfect for people who only hike occasionally. These are waterproof and comfortable.
Oboz Big Sky: Prefer the easy on and off access of slip on shoes? Check out these waterproof hiking shoes. They also come in boot form for more warmth and protection from the elements.
Timberland White Ledge: These waterproof boots are sturdy and durable.
• Do you like to stay light on your feet? These Salomon Waterproof Trail Runners will be grippy enough for hiking but without the bulk of a boot.
Forsake Duck: Comfortable like a sneaker, but waterproof shoes that will keep you dry. Great for shore trips that are not too active.

You will want to pack a warm hat especially if you have less hair than you used to 🙂 , and you should also bring gloves and a scarf. You might not need them daily but it is nice to have them in your luggage just in case.

Alaska port towns are casual, you don’t need to be concerned with bringing dressy clothes for excursions. But you might need formal attire for dinners onboard, especially for a luxury Alaska cruise. Check with your ship to find out the specific cruise dinner attire. Men may need a full suit and tie or only a jacket. Look for great shirts that won’t wrinkle in your luggage.

Don’t forget your sunglasses! If the sun comes out it can be blindingly bright near the glaciers. Here are some rugged sport sunglasses that would be terrific for sightseeing on deck as well as for day hikes.

Be sure to bring a small backpack or tote of some kind to carry extra clothing layers, camera, binoculars, snacks and water with you on shore excursions. This one is ultra-lightweight and packs down into a small pouch when you are not using it.

Alaska cruise shore excursions

Alaska Cruise Packing List for men

Packing for Alaska Cruise: Mens Toiletries

Keep in mind that most cruise cabins are quite small, without a lot of room for luggage. And the bathroom counter space is also limited. So bring only the essentials. Carry your toiletries and medications in a handy dopp kit like this one or this hanging toiletry bag that clips onto a towel rack or door handle for easy access.

Toiletry Bags for Cruise

Did you know that in the summertime Alaska is teeming with enormous mosquitos in some areas? Definitely don’t forget the insect repellant. Some say that wearing light colored clothing is also a good idea as mosquitos are attracted to dark shades like navy and black.

And while it may not be scorchingly hot, you can still get sunburned, so be sure to bring the sunscreen as well. You might want to consider a brimmed hat if your skin is sensitive to the sun.

Even if you don’t think you’ll get seasick it is a good idea to pack motion sickness medicine just in case. Try the motion sickness patch or the Sea-Band wristband. If you forget it you can buy it onboard the ship, but it will be a lot more expensive. Of course you should also pack other toiletries as well that you would need on a vacation like toothbrush and toothpaste, painkillers, bandaids, antibiotic ointment, hand sanitizer, nail clippers, and glasses or contacts if you wear them.

Most cruise lines have plugs in the bathroom for your electric shaver and electric toothbrush, but remember again that the bathrooms are tiny. Again, a tote that clips onto the door handle or towel rack is a good investment.

Alaska cruise shore excursions

Things to Bring on a Cruise: Photo Gear, Electronics & Gadgets

Alaska is absolutely breathtaking. All the natural beauty will have you snapping photos like mad. So be sure to pack your favorite camera gear. Of course you can also shoot photos with your smartphone, and Alaska is so beautiful you can’t get a bad shot. If you are looking for a new compact camera, these three top options below might be worth considering. Click the images below for more info and reviews.

Since there is so much to see on an Alaska summer cruise you will probably be glad if you pack binoculars as well. A fancy professional pair is key for birders and wildlife watchers but the average person can look for smaller, lightweight binoculars priced under $30 that won’t break the bank. Click the images below for more information and pricing.

A small backpack is ideal to carry your camera, binoculars, clothing layers, snacks and water with you around the ship and on shore excursions. This one is ultra-lightweight and packs down into a small sandwich sized pouch to fit in your luggage.

Have you already seen our Alaska packing list for women? If not, take a look here.

I hope these Alaska cruise packing tips help you get prepared for your wonderful vacation up north. Enjoy!

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Alaska Cruise Packing List for men - packing for an Alaska cruise

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